Thank you for considering for your essay writing needs. We take our relationship with our customers seriously, and want to ensure that our services are delivered in a fair and transparent manner. To this end, we have put together the following terms and conditions that govern our services.
  1. Service Offerings is an online essay writing service that offers custom-written essays, research papers, dissertations, and other academic assignments to students. Our services are intended to help students with their academic work, and our writers are trained to produce high-quality, original work that meets the academic standards of their respective institutions.
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To place an order with, you must complete our online order form, which includes details about the assignment, such as the topic, length, and deadline. Once you submit your order, you will receive a confirmation email that contains your order number and a summary of the details you provided. You will then be matched with a writer who is qualified to complete your assignment, and you will be able to communicate with them throughout the process.
  1. Pricing and Payment

Our pricing is based on several factors, including the type of assignment, the level of difficulty, and the deadline. We offer competitive rates that are based on industry standards, and we strive to provide our customers with the best value for their money. Payment is required in advance, and we accept all major credit cards.
  1. Refunds and Revisions

We offer a satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers. If you are not satisfied with the work we provide, you may request revisions at no additional charge. If we are unable to meet your expectations, we will provide a full refund. Refunds are subject to certain conditions, such as the submission of a valid complaint within 14 days of receiving the completed assignment.
  1. Plagiarism and Originality

We take plagiarism very seriously and have strict policies in place to ensure that all of our work is original and properly cited. We use plagiarism detection software to verify the originality of all of our assignments, and we guarantee that our work is free from plagiarism. In the event that a customer receives a plagiarized assignment, we will provide a full refund.
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We take the privacy of our customers very seriously and do not share any personal information with third parties. We use secure servers to protect your data, and all of our writers are required to sign non-disclosure agreements. We guarantee that your identity will remain confidential.
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All of the work produced by our writers is owned by, and we retain the right to publish or distribute it as we see fit. We grant our customers a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the work for academic purposes only.
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We do not guarantee that the work we produce will result in a specific grade or academic outcome. Our services are intended to assist students with their academic work, but we cannot guarantee success. Thank you for choosing for your essay writing needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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