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Liberty university biol 101 quiz 2

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Liberty university biol 101 quiz 2   Liberty University BIOL 101 QUIZ 2 BIO 101 QUIZ 2 LIBERTY UNIVERSITY Attempt Score 64 out of 80 points   Time Elapsed 28 minutes out of 50 minutes Instructions ·         Time limit: 50 minutes ·         25 multiple-choice questions ·         Open-book/open-notes ·         Do not hit the BACK button as this will lock you out of the quiz. ·         The timer will continue if you leave this quiz without submitting it. Results Displayed Submitted Answers, Feedback ·         Question 1 3.2 out of 3.2 points Respiratory proteins, ion channels, transport proteins and attachment point proteins are all examples of protein found ·         Question 2 0 out of 3.2 points Which is nota function of a lipid? ·         Question 3 3.2 out of 3.2 points A fat molecule consists of: ·         Question 4 0 out of 3.2 points The function of glycogen is to ·         Question 5 3.2 out of 3.2 points A single-stranded polymer whose monomers contain the sugar ribose and the nitrogenous base uracil: ·         Question 6 3.2 out of 3.2 points A prokaryotic cell is protected against osmotic swelling and rupture by its ·         Question 7 3.2 out of 3.2 points The saturated fats of animals differ from the unsaturated ones of plants. Unsaturated fats have ·         Question 8 3.2 out of 3.2 points The four major classes of biomolecules are: ·         Question 9 3.2 out of 3.2 points Prokaryotic organisms have a definite lack of which of the following? ·         Question 10 3.2 out of 3.2 points The polymer _______ enables the cell’s information to flow from DNA out into the cell cytoplasm in a more expressible form. ·         Question 11 3.2 out of 3.2 points A large polymeric molecule that is nonpolar over most of its structure but very polar at one end: ·         Question 12 0 out of 3.2 points Which of the following is the name for a class of sugar molecules? ·         Question 13 3.2 out of 3.2 points A eukaryotic cell that needs to have a lot of ATP energy would have lots of ·         Question 14 3.2 out of 3.2 points A sugar is a carbohydrate because a sugar molecule ·         Question 15 3.2 out of 3.2 points Which base is used in RNA but not DNA? ·         Question 16 3.2 out of 3.2 points Five of the six carbon atoms in a glucose molecule are typically found ·         Question 17 0 out of 3.2 points A eukaryotic cell structure (organelle) that results when a vesicle formed from the Golgi complex simply remains in the cytoplasm of the cell: ·         Question 18 3.2 out of 3.2 points DNA contains four kinds of nitrogenous bases whose principle function is ·         Question 19 3.2 out of 3.2 points ________ and ________ are structures that walk along microtubules in the eukaryotic cell carrying vesicles from place to place. ·         Question 20 3.2 out of 3.2 points Which of these cell organelles has ribosomes in its membranes? (Ribosomes do protein synthesis.) ·         Question 21 3.2 out of 3.2 points The small intestine signals the _________ cell that food is present; the signal is a ______ that binds to _____________ on the cell. ·         Question 22 0 out of 3.2 points Cells are small because ·         Question 23 3.2 out of 3.2 points What stimulates the release of the enzyme amylase into the pancreatic duct so that it can break down starches? ·         Question 24 3.2 out of 3.2 points ____________ house enzymes that trap carbon dioxide and bind it to larger substrate molecules. ·         Question 25 3.2 out of 3.2 points Discrete, visible lengths of DNA sequence found in human cell nuclei are known as


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