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Gsoc 101 quiz 1 | Science homework help 1) Every other year, the University of Chicago conducts a nationwide survey that “takes the pulse of America” on a variety of questions. This is an example of:__________________________ (1pts) [removed] 2) Mitch Dunier, a famous sociologist, conducted a research study where he hung out with, observed, and interviewed street vendors in New York city for five years. This is an example of:____________________. (1pts) [removed] 3) ________________ is an approach which starts with a theory, forms a hypothesis, makes empirical observation and then analyzes the data to confirm, reject or modify the original theory. (1pts) [removed] 4) ________________ is an approach which starts with empirical observations, and then works to form a theory. (1pts) [removed] 5) ___________________means a change in one factor result in a corresponding change in another. (1pts) [removed] 6) _________________variable which is the outcome you are trying to explain. (1pts) [removed] 7) _____________________variable which is the measure factor that has impact on the dependent variable. (1pts) [removed] 8) __________________ is a process of assigning a precise method for measuring a term being examined for use in a particular study (1pts) [removed] 9) _________________________________means measuring what you intend it to.   10)   )____________ means that a researcher is successful in measuring what he or she intends to measure.   (1pts) (1pts) A.Generalizability B.Reliability C.Response Rate D.Validity All of the above None of the above 11)   Let’s say I am trying to figure out why male engineers earn more money than female engineers. In other words, I am studying the effect of gender on income. In this case, income would be: (1pts) A. dependent variable B . independent variable C. the null hypothesis D. the moderating variable 12)   It is important to take into account differences across cultures without making value judgments. This is known as: (1pts) A. cultural relativism B. Counterculture C. high culture D.cultural scripts All of the above 13)   One of the two main categories of culture that includes values, beliefs, norms, and behaviors is known as: (1pts) A. material culture B. Counterculture C. Subculture D. All of the above 14)   The politics of on-screen kissing is used as an example of: (1pts) A.the trend that the media is often slow to reflect societal changes B. the lack of family values in entertainment C. the fact that people want to see more romance on TV subculture D. None of the above 15)   Which of the following is an example of reflection theory? (1pts) A. Rock music lyrics are less violent than hip-hop lyrics. B. There is much violence in the inner city because people listen to violent hip-hop lyrics. C. Hip-hop lyrics are violent because many rappers live with violence in the inner city. D. None of the above 16)   Which is a component of feminist methodology (1pts) A. 1.Systems or methods that treats women’s experiences B. Promotes social science for women C. Takes into account the researcher as much as the overt subject matter D. 4.All of the above 17)   Which is a true statement for a case study: (1pts) A. an intensive investigation B. often use in qualitative research C. describes or uncovers a mechanism D. All of the above 18)   Which is true about an interview:     (1pts) A. a form of gathering quantitative data B. a form of gathering qualitative data C. Both a and b D. None of the above 19)   A survey is an ordered series of : (1pts) A. Sample B. Answers C. Questions intended to elicit information D. None of the above 20) How are historical data collected? (Name at least 1 way)                     (1pts) [removed] 21) Name 3 golden rules in research: (3pts) [removed] 22) Name the 3 core theoretical frameworks: ( 3pts extra credit) [removed] 23) Name 2 types of research ( 2pts extra credit) [removed] 24) Name 2 types of sampling (2pts) [removed]  

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