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Compare the ethics of the two experiments, discuss each experiment (Milgrim and Zimbardo).? Though studies like these would never again be allowed, and would not be approved by an Ins

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Compare the ethics of the two experiments, discuss each experiment (Milgrim and Zimbardo).? Though studies like these would never again be allowed, and would not be approved by an Ins Use the attached readings and videos and answer only one (1) of the following questions (150 Words) 1. Compare the ethics of the two experiments, discuss each experiment (Milgrim and Zimbardo).  Though studies like these would never again be allowed, and would not be approved by an Institutional Review Board, is there anything you would like to test that would get at authority again that would benefit our understanding of human behavior in the modern context?  2. In one of this week’s videos, Philip Zimbardo discusses the Milgram Obedience Experiment.  He notes that in the study, a dispositional orientation takes place, in that 65% of the studies’ participants (teachers) inflicted the highest level of voltage (pain) on the learners, versus what psychiatrists had estimated (1%).  Using concepts from our course text, discuss why you feel this number was so large.  If conducted today, what kind of obedience do you think Milgram would get and why? 3.  Given our understanding of how prison situations act on the mind of the individual (as demonstrated by the Zimbardo study), what recommendations or changes would you suggest for our nation’s prison environments? (In answering this, please be sure to note concepts from the sections of the chapter that directly discuss this). Video 1: Video 2: Video 3: CredibilityandIncredulityinMilgram27sObedience.pdf ApplyingSocialPsychologytoCriminalJusticeSystemch11.pptx 59C0540D-816F-42C5-8149-DC87A46A3C5F.jpeg 2A76D3EB-684E-4F50-9DA6-8822DAC1C7FA.jpeg 9BF5C406-F428-40FD-877F-1C94D79ABB8E.jpeg 2368A307-9ED9-4080-8381-56861EE45A43.jpeg 6D5E0E0A-89E8-4372-B0B9-A66823D437ED.jpeg 9C7EE4F3-4090-4C86-8E24-EC5F86628764.jpeg AF1AF6C5-EEEE-4BD1-B280-D57E8E138EE2.jpeg 41FF3D6A-5082-44A7-9C8D-A16FAA3418C8.jpeg <img src=' CiAgICA8ZGVmcz4KICAgICAgICA8c3R5bGU 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 CiAgICA8cGF0aCBpZD0iUGF0aF81ODUiIGQ9Ik0yOS45MTggOS4wNTlMMjEuMDczLjIyMUEuNzQuNzQgMCAwIDAgMjAuNTQ1IDBIMy42MjZBMy42MzIgMy42MzIgMCAwIDAgMCAzLjYyNnYyOS4zYTMuNjMyIDMuNjMyIDAgMCAwIDMuNjI2IDMuNjI2aDIyLjg3OWEzLjYzMiAzLjYzMiAwIDAgMCAz


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