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Audience Development Challenge Snapped, Crackled, and Popped: An Audience Analysis Proposal for a Netflix Original Series Based on the Characters from Rice Bubbles Cereal Executive Summary (150-200 words max) An Executive Summary is a very brief summary of your proposal that includes all of the information, findings, and results that you go on to explain in more detail throughout the following report. They can be quite tricky to write as they have to include a lot of information, but can only use very few words to do so. I would write this section LAST although it is the FIRST thing in your report after the title. For the Audience Development Challenge, the Executive Summary should clearly answer all of the questions that are listed in the ADC assessment booklet, found on Blackboard. There should not be any quotes in this section, and you should only write one paragraph. For reference, what I have written here in italics in the Executive Summary is 150 words, so you do not have a lot of wiggle room. Be direct, and avoid padding! 1.0 Content Proposal Think of this section as like an introduction: expand ideas in the following sections. Pitch your proposed content, based on one of the prompts in the Audience Development Challenge assessment booklet. Which prompt are you using, and what product are you transforming it into? Be specific. • What form is your new product (tv show, documentary, videogame, podcast, YouTube channel, social media profile, etc.) and through which platform, channel, news site, production company is your product being released? • Reflect on the original audience of the prompt. Is your proposed product going to expand its audience, or will it appeal to a very different audience? Why do you see value in that? Rice Bubbles cereal, for instance, is aimed at a family market, with the cartoon characters appealing to children and to parents. My proposed content, Snap Crackle and Pop, is not aimed at a children’s market, however it will appeal to the audience’s nostalgia as well as appealing to the audience’s curiosity in this radical form. • Describe the features of your proposed product so we get a clear sense of what you are imagining, and it will introduce how your audience (demographics, behaviour/engagement/participation) will change. For instance, my proposed Netflix series (Snapped, Crackled, and Popped) transforms the animated characters from the cereal box into depressed, addicted teenagers for a dark and moody teen series akin to Riverdale or The Chilling Tales of Sabrina. This will allow me to discuss and justify the imagined demographics of the series in section 2.0 Imagining the Audience, and the effect of the show’s format, genre, and style in section 3.0 Audience Behaviour in terms of their engagement(s) and forms of participation. It is good to show connections to existing products as it demonstrates there is an existing market that you are tapping into and it will give your reader a clearer sense of your product. 2.0 Imagining the Audience This section details how you imagine your audience. Consider: • Audience attention. How will you attract your audience to your product in a competitive media landscape? What is the “hook”? • Demographics. What age, geographic location, gender, income, do you imagine your audience to be, and why? • Audience marketplace. How is your audience measured, and how does this relate to the audience as a commodity/how they are monetised? 3.0 Audience Behaviour In this section, reflect on the audience’s activity when they consume your product. Consider: • What forms of audience engagement does your product invite? Affective, emotional, cognitive, imaginative? • Does your product invite a participatory audience? What kinds, and how? • What is the value of such behaviour(s)? 4.0 References Throughout your report, you need to demonstrate that you understand and can critically apply key concepts from the Workshops, weekly readings, and independent research. Draw on these concepts to help develop your report (as you would in a research essay) and use proper referencing throughout. You must use quotation marks if you use two or more consecutive words of another scholar. Paraphrasing the ideas of another must be entirely in your own words. You must use in-text citations (Author, year, page) if you refer to the words or ideas of another scholar. Arrange your Reference list alphabetically in APA form. Your assignment should be 2000-2500 words, including the Executive Summary, quotes, and references. The QUT Library holds masses of information, including sole- (and multiple-) authored monographs, chapters in edited collections, and journals. It is important to focus on disciplineappropriate material (media studies, cultural studies, entertainment industries). Some journals you might find useful information in are: Communication Theory Continuum Convergence Cultural Studies Critical Studies in Television European Journal of Communication Journal of Communication Journal of Media and Cultural Politics Journal of Popular Culture Information, Communication, and Society Media Culture


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